Monday, February 22, 2010

an earring and some much needed repairs

I am officially ready to be on maternity leave. My patience with my patients is decreasing by the second and my irritability is rising by the minute.

Hmmm...on the flip side, being on maternity leave also leaves me at home and well, honestly, my patience with my children is also decreasing by the second and my irritability with everything is rising by the minute.

But there is another reason that it is time for a maternity leave: holes in the scrubs.

I have 3 pairs of scrub pants and 2 out of the 3 have holes. Now, I haven't bought new scrubs since well, probably 2001 so we are doing ok. But I need to have my mom repair them. It is not very professional to wear biker shorts under your scrubs so that no one can see skin through the hole in your pants.

But there is a problem with wearing biker shorts under your pants- especially when you are pregnant. You see, it is harder to tell if your pants are falling down because they are no longer right next to your skin.

And so it is time for maternity leave.

And some repairs to the pants.

The worst hole, however, is not the ones I have mentioned. It is a small hole in the pocket of my pants. The hole that seems so inconsequental, but occasionally will spew forth a pen or a flashlight if it manages to get jostled to just the right angle.

Or an earring. Yes, I had put a pair of earrings in my pocket last night- forgetting about the hole. Thankfully they weren't expensive, but I did really like them. And now one of them is gone. Down through the hole. I didn't look for it. Because quite frankly my tracks would have resembled a Family Circus cartoon and I didn't have the energy.

So I just decided to accept the loss and went home to get some sleep.

Goodbye earring, you will be missed.

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