Friday, February 26, 2010

39 weeks

I am getting a little anxious to have this baby.

I worked my last night shift last night.

I left the sliding van door on my van wide open at the Y yesterday.

I wore my watch in the shower.

I need my brain back.

At my appointment yesterday the NP was like, "ok you are dilated to a 3. You have some bags packed right?"

I told her that of course I didn't. Nor was the baby seat out of the rafters, nor did I have gas in the van. I told her I was hoping that Murphy's Law would work for me.

I got the feeling that she wasn't impressed with what I consider flawless logic.

People without three children and another on the way don't understand the craving for some kind of daring deed to add interest to each day.

Regardless, Noah drug the infant seat down from the rafters. It was a dusty mess. I cleaned it today. I stocked up at Sam's Club on all kinds of unhealthy stuff: Chicken nuggets, fish sticks, pizzas, waffles, 20 +pounds of fruit and 5 gallons of milk. I got that stuff to have some easy lunches- I have a feeling that lunches will be more of a challenge than suppers since I will be all alone for the prep, the eating and the clean up. Or rather not alone- I will be with 4 kids.

We got Lincoln's testing done this morning (he is going to be at least briefly followed by a speech pathologist). Deacon has basketball tomorrow. My dad is still in the hospital.

Boy, it is lots harder to have a baby when you have all these other people and activities to manage.

My husband is busy lining up social engagements for us and himself for the weekend. Whatever, dude.

And he told me in no uncertain terms that I was not allowed to have a chain saw or to use a chain saw this summer.

But he did clean the house last evening while I was sleeping,

So I think I'll keep 'em. :)


Rachel said...

You make me laugh, especially because you think you'll get your brain back when the baby comes out.

Now that's funny!

I did not know your dad was in the hospital, I hope it's not serious! I'll be praying he gets well soon!

Karla said...

Why hasn't Noah contacted me- did he decide that I wasn't good enough company for you two? I want to play settlers sometime soon...Sunday?!?!

Lauren Millington said...

I can totally relate! When I was pregnant with #4, I just kept hoping that she'd stay in another day so I could get some more things accomplished without nursing a baby, potty training and attending a sporting event or piano lesson all at the same time :) #5 might just do me in though.

The Three 22nds said...

What, Lauren?!? Are you pregnant?