Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Neighbor Names

I walk in our neighborhood a lot. I have some friends on our street and I know a few of the immediate neighbors, but not a lot. We have 2 empty lots on one side of us and there are no houses across the street.

But I know who lives in a lot of the houses on my walking route.

There is the family with the 2 little boys who never come out.

There is the new house with the flagpole and the guy who's wife only lets him smoke outside. We think he is a mailman.

There is the couple who are always washing their cars.

And the young blonde couple with the dog that they walk twice a day. (I wonder if they will have a baby? I am always looking for a baby bump on her)

There is the sorority house.

And the white house (we just call it the white house and never mention the hundreds of lawn ornaments, junk cars and well- just junk that clutters the yard)

There is the guy who hangs out in his garage at night with his purple neon lights.

And the skateboard gang that meets on the corner.

Then there is the family with the really crazy prairie grass exhibit :) Hi Jamie!

I could go on. Noah thinks I am crazy.

How do you distinguish your neighbors? Do you know them all by name, or do you refer to them by their idiosyncrasies?


Grandma Debbie said...

Well let's see...... There is the Elvis impersonator (yes - on the driveway with microphone, speaker and all). There are Higgins and Hamlet's owners (we know the dogs' names because they are always yelling at them), and then our next door neighbors we know by name.

Our neighbors probably know us as the couple with three active grandsons who come over every Friday night.

The Three 22nds said...


I didn't know the old neighborhood got an Elvis impersonator! Cool!

Or not. I don't know. My imagination isn't fully processing that.

Elise said...

Peter and I have been working pretty hard at getting to know the names of the people on our block this summer since we didn't get to meet anyone as a result of moving in during December. Everyone was hibernating at that point. I think so far we know about half of the names, so we're pretty much referring to the others as "the house next to (insert other neighbor's name here."

Momma Bear said...

i hardly see most of my neighbors. 1/3 are college students who are relatively anti social. Another 1/3 are people that work full time and then seem to be hibernating indoors on the weekend or gone. And the last 1/3 are stay at home parents or retirees that either stay in their houses, their backyards or got somewhere else. it sucks really.

Jamie said...

Yes, we do the same thing. There is the yellow house with guy and the big dogs in the outdoor kennel, the couple with the baby that never say 'hi' when they walk by, "old man" Williams down the street (which always makes me think of Scooby Doo when I say it. "I would've gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for you snooping kids!"). The list goes on!

-Jamie (aka, the neighbor with the really crazy prairie grass exhibit)
Some day I may get it under control!

The Three 22nds said...

but jamie, what do you call us? The ones who leave toys all over their yard? The couple who can't complete projects, the family with the bright orange door? The parents who let their 3 year old wear pjs every day?

Elise said...

I hope we're not the couple with the baby who always walks by, but doesn't say "hi". I do know which house Jamie is talking about with the big dogs in the outdoor kennel. The dogs scare me a little bit.