Sunday, September 13, 2009

Controversial Monday: On names

The other weekend Noah and I were having a little fun with baby names. We thought we could probably come up with some pretty good trendy names of our own by using the old combo technique.

so here goes...

Aidler (combo of Aiden and Skyler)

Skyden (combo of Skyler and Jaden, Caden or Aiden)



Logdan (notice the "d" added to the middle, just to change it up)

Jogan (like Logan, but with a "J"- cute, huh?)

Ashdon (like Asher or Ashton but not quite)


Gaver (Gaven and Asher)

I could go on, but here are some for girls:

Emivia (Emma and Olivia)

Grella (Grace and Ella)

Lilla (Lily and Ella)

Grachloe (Grace and Chloe)

So join me today on this Monday- what combos can you create? Who knows,
yours may be the next Nevaeh...


KitKat said...

I feel really sorry for your unborn child. The curse of having creative parents.

Matt said...
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Matt said...

[correcting misspellings]
I think the new "Nevaeh" is going to be "Heaven"... I think Becki and I will name our kid that, so when people ask "Why?" we can just say "It's 'Nevaeh' backwards, of course!"

Grandma Debbie said...

How about combining your own names? Juliah, Julioah, Nolie, Noie, & Juah (everyone would think the kid was Juan, but was misspelled).

Actually, I kind of like Juliah.

Karla said...

Grandma Debbie- I like your idea! or you combine the boys' names(:

Elise said...

Hey, I like Karla's idea. So your next boy can be Drolicon.

On second thought, that sounds like something from Transformers, so maybe not.