Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I am waiting for my dear husband to load some new photos onto the computer.

Let me say this again, in case anyone is reading this who hasn't before:

I don't put the pictures onto my computer.  That is Noah's job.  I do not need any more jobs, I do not want any more jobs.  If I learn how, I will suddenly have another job. And I do not want it.

And so I wait.

But, as I wait, here are a few things for you to consider:

(I know some of these things are repeats from facebook, which is where I put most of my kid quotes, but some people don't have facebook, and so for them- I repost here)

1. Noah says he doesn't like facebook, but he takes my page over and posts inflammatory comments under my name.

2. Deacon was reading the mail over breakfast.  He then said, "Mom, I was thinking we should get this maid service, but, after reading the brochure, I decided that we didn't need to.  You see, nowhere in here does it say that the Maid will pick up your son's toys."

3. The other day I was teaching Deacon about superlative and comparative adjectives.  While this was going on the little girl with sharpie radar came across a sharpie and scribbled on the inside of my cabinets.  I have always felt that superlative and comparative adjectives were a useless subject to study, and now I feel even more hatred towards them.

4. I am counting calories in an effort to lose 8 pounds.  (I am three above my prepregnancy weight and I would like to drop an additional 5).  I am using an online (free) calorie counting/exercise entering tool. I don't think they are giving me enough calories a day.  I am pretty sure I eat 3000 calories a day as a general rule, and I have lost most of my pregnancy weight.  Eating only 1500 calories a day (pre additional exercise calories) will lead me to become quite gaunt, which is not what I am going for.

5. I have a bum shoulder,wrist and hip.  I am not sure what I did, but it isn't good.  I am trying to decide if I should keep running/swimming/writing lists or if I should stop any and all activities in an effort to let them heal.

6. Berean saw Everyn smiling and said, "Her is happy".  Oh look, I have a child that is in tune with feelings at a young age.  Amazing.

7. I watched "Cheaper By the Dozen".  Parts of it hit home.

8. At the Y today I was talking with 2 other mothers who have 4-6 children.  We were talking about laundry woes.  I am not alone in the struggle/drama of doing laundry in a busy household.  The conversation moved on to being told we must "have our hands full."  In comparing notes we realized that after the initial comment, if we respond in a positive way, we usually get told that the person(if they are a woman past child bearing years) always wished that they had had more kids.

9. Can I say it again?  No one ever wishes that they had less kids, but I have run into people over and over again that regret stopping when they did.  Interesting. (Obviously, some of the reasons were beyond their control, but it still is interesting to think about).

10.  We bought Deacon minimalist running shoes with toe slots.  He thinks they are awesome.  He also got to be a victim at the Y today for a lifeguard training exercise.  Fun, fun!


Karla said...

I love being a pretend victim....but I don't know about being one in the water...

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