Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things That Keep Me Going

No, things aren't really that bad, as a whole.  But there are moments, yes, there are moments.

Here is a list of things that have been brightening my days, and keeping me sane during the "moments"

*Berean's constipation struggles seem to be largely resolved.  As I suspected, a lot of the problem was that she didn't like to go so she would hold it and the situation would just get worse and worse.  Now that she is potty trained she doesn't seem to mind going so much and hasn't even needed any miralax.

*She likes to be alone when she poops so that gives her ample opportunities to cover herself in Angry Birds bandaids. (speaking of Angry Birds- why couldn't I have invented that?  Seriously).  Oops.  Maybe that was one of the "moments".

*Everyn's smiles.  That girl is so smiley.  She coos and smiles and coos some more.  When you say "hi" she sounds like she says "hi" back.  If you sing to her she laughs and tries to sing along.  She is very good at charming the socks off of people.

*She is so well loved at the Y drop in childcare that she has become quite accustomed to having someone talking to her and smiling at her all the time.  This can be a problem at home, it is ok though because I am just glad that she is loved :)

*Loving some of the new country songs right now- they are all the "summer" songs that are just kind of fun and lighthearted.

*Awana is almost over!  I have had a challenging group this year, but I try to remind myself that not only am I serving the kids and their parents, but indirectly I am helping my own kids but trying to infuse Godly truths into their peers' lives.  I want them to have all the Godly peers/friends that they can.

*Noah preached on Easter and he called me "hot and talented"

*Berean just babbles and babbles to us.  It just cracks us up.

*Roman (who usually gives me trouble about school work) came up to me today and had done his 3 pages of math perfectly all on his own.

*being able to share a joke with  Deacon and laugh and laugh with him about it because finally we found something that we both genuinely think is funny.  (this is an interesting one because in the past we would laugh together over things, but they were usually things that were funny to him and I laughed because I enjoyed him laughing and seeing the humor in something.  Just this year however, it has changed so that we both can find actual humor in the same things.  Does that make any sense at all?)

*Noah and I are planning a trip for just us (and Everyn).  I am very excited for this (and my guilt is appeased somewhat because I was trying to figure out how to take this trip with the kids and my mom suggested that I not take all the kids along and offered to help watch them.)

*Lincoln plays with the big boys and does an admirable job of keeping up, but I love to watch him play with the younger ones too- he plays a different way when he doesn't have to keep up or save face.

I have been trying to be disciplined about going to bed on time, and we have a busy (like always!) day tomorrow, so I'd better get going! Good night!

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Karla said...

you know when I am home you can go on dates and I will watch the kids...