Sunday, April 22, 2012

Controversial Monday

Well, actually it is Saturday.  Or maybe Sunday.

I started my yogurt too late, so now I am up at 1am, tending to it.

And the house is quiet.

Have you seen the controversial "Breastfeeding Baby Contemplates an Oreo Cookie" ad?

Google it.  You can see both pixilated and nonpixilated versions.

Apparently it was not meant to be circulated into the public arena, but it got leaked.

I think it is awesome.

And I think it is super funny how goofy people are about it.

There are scantily clad women all over advertisements- why exactly is this making people so uncomfortable?  It is an airbrushed breast, just one and covered up mostly by a sweet baby head.

On the other side are people that are all up in arms over the the fact that the baby is looking at a processed, nutrition lacking Oreo cookie.  How could you even consider giving your child that morsel of evil goodness?

Personally, I love it.  Not only is it witty, but I also like that it portrays breastfeeding as a part of real life. Normal life.

And breastfeeding is a part of real life.

What do you think?


Thia said...

I love it!

Rachel said...

I don't care for the airbrushed version - looks so fake and like you said, breastfeeding is a part of real life. I think it's ridiculous how up in arms people get about it, but yet say nothing of all the scantily clad women in ads all around us. I read a comment somewhere from a woman who did not want to have to explain to her 5 yr old why a baby was latched on to a breast. She was really horrified that she might have to explain exactly what was happening to her child and I was just flabbergasted that explaining breastfeeding is such a big deal.