Thursday, April 5, 2012

That is What Girls Like and Other Random Stuff

Life has certainly ramped up to full speed around here.

My 4 day work stretch went well, but now this week I am stuck doing a fatigued catch-up.  Some of it is just because of Easter and some of it is a flurry of yardwork, and some of it is just life stuff that will always be there.

One thing I do know is that we have to stop Lincoln from crawling into our bed about 3am every night.  It is like we have a newborn or something, only the baby is the one that sleeps all night!  Everyn is sleeping from about 8pm until 6:30 to 8:15am ish.  Berean sleeps a solid 12 hours.  Deacon and Roman sleep about 11 hours and Lincoln does too...only he spends half of it in our bed.  I feel bad, but I think it is time for him to spend the whole night in his room, or at least on the floor in our room instead of our bed.

This morning we missed Lincoln's bus.  He was eating his toast and was dressed with shoes on, and I said, "finish up your toast.  We have a few minutes to get you cleaned up before we go out and wait for the bus!"  Lincoln replies, "the bus is here already."  Sure enough, the bus was in front of our house (8 minutes before his pick up time) and by the time I grabbed his backpack and coat it was already gone.

I called the bus company and told them that we had missed the bus, I was driving him to school, but he was going to need a ride home.  I mentioned the fact that the bus was really early.  The lady said, "well, were you aware that his pick up time changed?"  I told her that I had not been informed of that.  Evidently communication of changed pick up time has been a problem, and she apologized for the mix up.

So I packed everyone up and drove him to school.

That is hard.  Next year I will be driving him  to the elementary school for speech, and that is going to be hard too.  Especially since I don't know when his appt is going to be nor do I know how much input I get to have into when it will be scheduled.

Anyway, as we all tromped through the elementary school we were met with a number of "ooohs and ahhs" over the baby from grade school girls.  I smiled at Deacon and said, "Girls like babies.  Remember that."  He gave me a conspiratorial look and responded, "Yep.  Girls like babies, dolls and ponies.  Those are the things that girls like."

Speaking of things that girls like, a friend had posted Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" song on facebook.  I (out of  a vague curiosity) clicked on the link and listened to the song.  Berean was totally into it- all about the Biebs.  Guess we won't be playing anymore of those songs in her presence.

I pulled all the winter coats and stuff today and began the washing process.  I also raked out my garden.  It was made complicated by the fact that my garden rake handle and head separated every other stroke.

One of these days Noah and I have to build a fire and hash some things out- nail down some summer plans. Am I going to join him on a work trip?  Is he going to cut down 3 pine trees or am I (and Deacon) going to have to do it? (joke, joke, Noah. Don't freak out).  How many extracurricular activities are we signing the boys up for this summer?  Where can we put a basketball court?  Strawberries?  Where are we moving the raspberries?  Should we buy another lot?  How about an addition?  Lasik surgery?  Should I dye my hair blond or brown? When is he planning on getting his tattoo?  How dressed up should we make the boys get on Easter? And what in the world should we eat for Easter?

Deep breath.

Can you see we need a fire?  This is some serious stuff we have to talk about.

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Karla said...

leave your hair...dont forget you need to add me in the summer plans...