Sunday, April 8, 2012

More of Deacon

About 20 times a day I hear, "Mama, I was wondering..."

Deacon is always wondering about something.

Here is some of what has been on his mind:

This afternoon he was carrying Everyn around the kitchen.  He told her that she was "fiesty".  Then he started singing to her "You are a fiesty little baby.  Fiesty, fiesty, fiesty...etc...etc".  This goes on for a few minutes and suddenly he stops and says, "what does fiesty mean, anyway?"

A little bit later Lincoln (being silly- he enjoys asking questions he already knows the answer to) said, "what does 'cup' mean?"  Deacon answered him and then asked me, "what does cup mean EXACTLY?  Is it just something that you drink out of?  Or is there more than that?"  I explained that we drink out of a cup, but reminded him that the word "cup" also stands for the standard measurement of a "cup" that is a specific amount of volume.  He listens to the whole explanation and says, "so what you are saying is that "cup" comes from an old German word?"  WHAT?

"no Deacon, that is not what I said."

"well, I know that a lot of our words come from other languages and there are meanings behind our words".

Maybe I need to speak more clearly?  Or something...

A couple of minutes later he asks, "Mama, I was wondering where do Quesadillas come from?  You know how Pizza comes from France?  Well, I was just wondering about quesadillas."

"Deke, Pizza is Italian.  Quesadillas are from Mexico."


Later on he was babysitting Berean and reading her some books.  After he finished he came and found me and said, "she sure is a hard one to read books to.  She turns all the pages and won't let me do it and then she makes remarks about every page."

Remarks about every page.


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Karla said...

Can I just say I love that boy! He is probably already smarter than me...or will be soon!