Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Same Old

I haven't been around, because I just don't really have anything new to say!  My days have fallen into a routine of sorts.  It has been beautiful weather around here, and I feel like it is a present from God just for me!  We even had a fire in our lot the other night and a picnic over the weekend.  Certainly doesn't feel like March here! It was spring break last week, and I am glad for the first time that I didn't have somewhere warm to go!

We are finishing up basketball, right in time for me to go back to work.  Deacon will start Little League in about a month.  I am fairly anxious about going back to work.  I am not concerned about Everyn, she is a good sleeper and she will take a bottle.  Hopefully she will just sleep  and not even need a bottle while I am gone.   Mostly I am concerned about my house never being clean again and about remembering everything at work.  I feel like I have been gone forever.  I keep trying to remember that I worked the same schedule with four kids and being pregnant, so I should be able to do it with five kids and not being pregnant.

I ran 8.2 miles last Saturday, and that felt good.  For the last few days though I have been craving cookies and chocolate which probably means I need to up my calories to maintain the breastfeeding.  I tend to start feeling like I need those things when my weight drops too low.  I am about 7 pounds up from where I was when I got pregnant, and I would like to be down another 5 pounds from that.  We will see what my body allows, I guess.

Well, Noah and the boys are home so I better go out on a quick run- then it is back to work on photobooks! (Catching up on these photobooks may be the death of me...)

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Karla said...

Wow you have already lost all your baby fat and MORE!!! You are amazing... Gina told me about Mixbook for doing photobooks online. She really likes it.