Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Evening Update

Not to toot my own horn or anything,

but I am usually fairly on top of things.

I don't usually forget things,

I don't usually miss things.

Even if I don't write them down, I do a pretty good job of keeping

a mental list,


and clock in my head.

So I don't know if 5 kids are just getting to me,

if it is the potty training,

the standardized testing,

or just the fact that all of our activities have different spring breaks,

but I messed up this morning.

This morning was our Co-op morning.  The boys got up super early and had their jackets on before we had even gotten them breakfast.  They were so excited to see their little friend who has been out of town.  I had Everyn changed, myself showered, Berean dressed and ready to go with Daddy.  We were out of the house early.  For the first time I was going to have plenty of time to get to the church without stressing about being a little late.  I had to volunteer, so I had to be there at 8 am.

I pulled into the parking lot.

It was empty.

Spring Break.

I forgot.

In retrospect, there were a couple of clues that I should have picked up on- but I didn't.

So we got our grocery shopping done early,

and we hung out at Grandmas.

Berean got to skype with Auntie Karla,

and make a birthday cake.

Berean has had 2 accident free days now.

Our testing is almost done.

Noah is playing a championship broomball game tonight.

Everyn is huge and sleeping 8ish hour stretches at night.

I am making photo books and trying to keep the kitchen clean.

Oh, and I am eating 5 servings of vegetables today, and drinking 8 glasses of water.


Because it is on my list.

And that is what is going on over here.

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Thia said...

Those two things need to go on my list too.