Friday, March 23, 2012

Lincoln (in the past)

I've been working on Lincoln's photobooks.  It is so fun to look back at pictures of when he was just a little guy and see expressions on his face that I still see daily!  You just never know which of the little quirks are going to be life long and which are just fleeting!

Lincoln still does this shaking thing when he gets excited.  This happens frequently now when he plays video games.

Berean can wear that moose sleeper now...but it looks better on  Linc.

Interesting...back then he wanted to ride a bike, now he doesn't

He has always been a little cutie!

Ahhh...Lincoln and his milk, complete with his hands in the "sleeping position"

I was in the best shape of my life that summer...hopefully this summer will be close!

still copies Roman...

still wants to be noticed...

Roman still usually isn't impressed.

Lincoln no longer eats rocks.  Now he can count by 10s, loves to do schoolwork , plays with the big boys and still makes time to be silly with Berean.

Although he still has some trouble with articulation, his speech has come a long way.  In fact he talks a lot, and has a great memory for reciting lines from radio, movies and books. That skill can be both good and bad.

I feel bad for him sometimes because he is the middle child, the youngest of the three boys and has two little girls behind him.  Hopefully he will grow up thinking he has the best of both worlds ( the older and the younger) instead of the worst of both!

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Karla said...

He is such a cutie!! These pictures made me miss him sooo much. I think a lot of them were when I was in Brasil. Maybe he should make a paper chain to count the days until I get there...he could count by tens:)