Monday, August 29, 2011

Tell All On Baby #5

Yes, I am now 23 weeks pregnant with #5 and it seemed like the appropriate time to do a tell-all exclusive. There are questions I know you all have (because I've been asked them by friends and strangers alike) and since I aim to please on my blog, here you go!

Q: Yikes! 5 kids! Was this planned?

A: Sort of. When I was pregnant with #4 I said that I wanted a 5th if 4 was a girl. You see, I thought it was important for the only girl to have someone to force her to not to be the ONLY GIRL, THE YOUNGEST and SIGNIFICANTLY YOUNGER than the 3rd. All those things (in my mind) could lead to her being quite spoiled. This has been proven to be true. This spring, Noah finally said that he was ok with having a 5th. Sometime. A couple weeks later I realized I was pregnant :)

Q: Why did it take you so long to tell people that you were pregnant?

A: We have never told people about our pregnancies very early. It seems a little awkward to be all like "Hello! I am pregnant!" Besides that, it is sort of fun to see people whispering about you and taking double takes when they notice your expanding waist line. However, in this case it was very late and I was really showing. The extreme lateness can be blamed on Noah who did not tell his parents until I was arond 16 weeks. I finally had to tell him that if he didn't tell them, that I was putting it on facebook. Why didn't he tell them? Good question. I am pretty sure though that it had something with him walking around looking shell shocked and trying to come to grips with reality himself.

Q: Did it bother you that everyone thought you were just getting fat?

A: YES! I was getting pretty irritated because instead of people thinking I was pregnant, they thought I was getting fat. WHEN HAVE I EVER JUST RANDOMLY GOTTEN FAT?! Besides that I HAD NEVER said that I was not having any more kids. My dear friends Molly and Renae made me feel better by saying that they had suspected I was pregnant because, "when have you ever just gotten fat? And besides that, you looked pregnant, not overweight". That helped my self-esteem.

Q: How is Noah doing now?

A: Noah is doing well. He freaked out for awhile, and mostly about vehicles. Now he is back to his laid back, take-it-in-stride self and I am the one awake at night thinking about vehicles, bedrooms and dealing with a carseat and the most unbalanced 18 month old in the history of the world. He even told his boss about the baby. We had planned a really fun scenerio about me coming into his office 9 months pregnant...and well, we had several more planned, but in the end we didn't use any of them.

Q: Is Berean really the most unbalanced 18 month old in the world?

A: Probably not, although sometimes it seems like she is. I took her swimming the other day and I couldn't even walk next to her, because my disturbing the water in her immediate area was enough to unbalance her. I think it is partially due to her small size, and partially due to her elevated baby toes. They told me she would compensate for the toes, but I don't know if she really has yet. Or prehaps she just really needs to work her core.

Q: Are you going to find out the sex of the baby?

A: nope! We never have, and we are not going to start now. Deke and Roman want a girl, Linc wants a boy. I doubt that Berean wants either. I have a great boy name, but it would be nice for Berean to have a sister. We will be happy either way, I am sure.

Q: What is the boy name?

A: As if I would tell.

Q: When are you due?

A: Christmas Day. And no, this was not planned to avoid working the holiday. I am 23 weeks currently.

Q: How are you feeling?

A: Not that great. No nausea or anything, but for being only in my 2nd trimester- I sure feel like I am in my third. The midwife lady told me that it would probably be a harder pregnancy, since it is my 5th- and so far I agree. Some of it may be due to the fact that they will be less than 2 years apart. It was SO MUCH EASIER to have the longer break that I did between Lincoln and Berean. I just think my body was still tired going into this one.

Speaking of tired...I am tired now....

Maybe I will finish this another time, and who knows...maybe I won't...


minda said...

i love your blog, you ROCK Julie!! :) I started a blog, but didn't get very far, i've only made one entry...almost a month ago ;)

Foster said...

I love big families. Have you been asked while you're out if they are all yours? I only have three, and I have. Are you planning on giving birth at a hospital? I ask because I am giving birth at a birthing center and plan on the next one at home, if the Lord blesses me with any more. I would love to know your opinion on home births vs hospital births.

Karla said...

I am excited about baby #5!!! Love you and you should really email me:)

Link's Dad said...


I've got nothing in general against home births (heck, I was born at home), but in particular we could have easily lost Lincoln in a home birth situation. It's hospitals for us.

Grandma Debbie said...

Hospitals have gotten SO much better since the late 70s when I had my first. I still don't like hospitals (mega germs and 'there's no place like home'), but as things are now, I would probably choose the birthing center/hospital route.

Katie said...

I enjoyed this post...thanks for the tell all!

Lesley said...

Congratulations!!!! That is great news. Whenever I'm overwhelmed with having 4, I'll just read your blog. "If she can do it, I can too," I'll say. :) Hope you can get some energy back and that the rest of your pregnancy goes great!