Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Catch Up

Sorry the posts have been few and far between- part of it is due to the fact the our computer is still non-functional, so I have to post from my laptop. I like my laptop, but it is not very comfortable for typing long posts. Noah hooked this one up to our big monitor a few days ago, though, and that makes it much more tolerable.

Besides that, however, no excuses. We are just enjoying summer and I am using my "free" time to work or to take 2 hour naps in 2 minute intervals. Maybe you also know that kind of nap? sleep 2 min..."Mama, can we have a snack?"...sleep 2 min... "Mama, can you open our popsicles"...sleep 2 min..."guys?! I hear a beep, make sure the freezer is shut!"sleep 2 min... "Mom, can we take a bath?"... sleep 2 min... "Mama, Roman is throwing things..."

Well, maybe you get the picture.

The naps are due to the fact that I am not sleeping well at night. My mom reminded me that I had sleep trouble with some of my other pregnancies, and I think that she is remembering that correctly. Also, every pay period I have a 7 day stretch off of work, and I always sleep worse then because I am not "tired" enough.

So I take 2 hour naps, (when Berean is sleeping) in 2 minute segments.

2 weeks ago I told Noah that I needed a couple of days to myself. I needed to be alone, to clean the house and plan for the fall. Noah graciously offered to take the kids to visit his grandparents, and even roped his parents into going along to help. Thank you Gpa Jim, Gma Ruth, Chris, Debbie and Noah for letting me have a couple of days off!

I was informed that Gma Ruth is "nicer than you, Mom, because she let us have dessert without finishing our vegetables".

Friday night of my "off" weekend I went to the Y and then met my friend, my mom and my sister at Feed My Starving Children, an organization that uses volunteers to pack food for starving children.

Saturday I cleaned all day long. I washed bedding, windows, blinds, vaccumed, mopped, cleaned carpets, scrubbed cabinets, went through everything in my kitchen, weeded out toys, and scrubbed bathtubs and toilets. I spent time cleaning up the garage and basement (although those two areas require more of Noah's input). It was wonderful. No, I didn't get everything done- but it was a good start.

Sunday I had to be in children's chuch, since it was my volunteer week, but after that I went to the church picnic alone and actually got to talk to people without constant interruptions. The fam arrived home in the late afternoon, just in time for a birthday party with friends and some downtime before bed.

The last couple of days I have just been finishing things up around here (it is never-ending) and the boys and I have been taking it easy.

It is very sad to think that there is just one more month before school starts, but I guess that is the way of life!


Jackie said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about napping in small blocks of time. I try to get a nap in every few days during the girls' "quiet time" but it's always interupted by a little person who needs help in the bathroom or needs a fly to be killed or needs a CD that doesn't skip. As for the insomnia, I hear you there, too.

Thia said...

How fantastic that you had a weekend to yourself! I'm glad you got a lot done. I'm sure it was beautiful to start a task and finish it without wiping a tush or getting juice every 5 minutes.