Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Men in My Life

I am in the midst of writing some longer posts about pregnancy and homeschool curriculum (exciting, right?) but I am not sure exactly when I will get them done. Right now I am in the midst of a long stretch at work, and well, we have summer to finish up strong!

Our van is making weird clunking noises and is having trouble shifting. Ominous noises that make the money in our bank account quake with the fear that it will soon be pulled out to go hang with the mechanic. We have an appointment for Monday, but I called my dad yesterday to see if I could borrow his "spare" van a little early for driving into work. He told me that I could but that it didn't have much gas in it, etc. I said I would fill it up, after all I was the one borrowing it. When Noah and I arrived to pick it up I was informed that my dad had gone and gotten it washed and filled it with gas. I love my dad!

Noah and I got into an argument last night at Chipotle. It was the kind of argument where Noah actually said to me, "we are not going to get anywhere with this unless you approach it with SOME degree of rationality". I was trying to explain my position, and was having trouble expressing what I was thinking. He stopped me, told me "I already know your position" and then proceeded to sum up exactly what my position was. I guess that is what being married to a person for 11 years does :) Now, I am not saying that I like arguments- but it felt good. We used to argue and debate all the time, but we don't very much anymore. We have grown to agree more and more and don't often find ourselves on different sides of an issue. It was kind of fun to once again have an animated discussion. I love that boy.

I got up from sleeping today to find my whole family gone. I knew they had been gone awhile, because they are quite loud and I hadn't heard them all afternoon. I could not figure out where they would have gone for that length of time. Finally, I called my parents. Sure enough, Noah had left the girl there for her nap and taken the boys to the beach! Did not expect that. I am still waiting to find out if he found all of the swim trunks, the wrist bands, goggles and towels, or if they just kind of used what they could find. Have I mentioned that I love that boy?

My little boys are SO EXCITED about their pokemon cards and just life in general right now. They play hard, and they look forward to everything. Even though they can be very wearing with their constant "what are we doing next?", "where are we going", "how can I earn more money" questions, we are still loving summer and I am not looking forward to the start of school. I gave them all buzz cuts this week and they are so cute :)

And now a word about Berean. She is adorable and sweet (although she can screech) and is doted on by all. Yep, she is spoiled. Despite that, she is pretty good-natured and we have all been enjoying teaching her new things. Oh, and she likes long naps. We like that too.

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Rachel said...

I laughed uproariously at what Noah said to you during your argument. Not just because it was funny (something my hubby could routinely say to me and doesn't), but you seem to be the type of woman who is VERY rational!