Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Once Again, We're Back

We just got back from a camping trip to the North Shore.

There were a lot of positives and very few negatives:

*no bugs. seriously awesome.
*beautiful blue skies
*Berean did not come (we love her, but 17 month olds + camping = too much work). Thanks for watching her, Mom and Dad!
*in laws did 99% of the cooking. I flipped two pancakes, and I think Noah flipped 3. Thanks Chris and Debbie!
*the boys had a ton of fun and I brought home great quotes of the day, like:

-D "cliff jumping is illegal? I just thought it was fun!"
-L "Get your 'oooohhhs' ready, there is a tunnel coming up!"
-R "I miss Berean. We had to leave her behind, and I kind of like behind".
-D "c'mon Dude, I need some fast bucks here!"

-port-a-potties (don't look down!)
-minor back injury
-multiple near heart attacks as boys did what boys do
-being pregnant definitely hinders my mobility and agility. I could feel it much more acutely there than when I am at home doing my "normal" routine.

We had a full evening of commitments upon our return, and now I am off to bed before the house is put back together...oh well...


Pancake Flipper said...

3 pancakes? I poured and flipped over 50% of all pancakes that got flipped! And a number of them earned style points.

Grandpa Chris said...

I thought 'Pancake Flipper' flipped most of the pancakes, & I do remember one pan sized blueberry pancake masterfully flipped.