Monday, September 5, 2011

Straight Up Stuff

1. I always think of Myself and Noah when I hear the song "Crazy Girl" by The Eli Young Band. Something about the song, and the way Noah always shakes his head at me when I come up with yet another plan seem awfully similar. Today I decided to watch the music video for Crazy Girl. Unfortunately, the whole psych hospital (even though it was just a dream) has officially ruined the song for me.

2. The whole music video viewing, however, followed by some additional music video watching, led to a fabulous quote of the day. Noah: "It must be really easy to make music videos, because apparently there is no such thing as a bad idea." So true.

3. We spent part of the long weekend up at our church's family camp. As always, a great time was had by all!

4. Oh, I have another great quote of the day. Julie: "Should I get my hair cut?" Noah: "short of shaving it, do whatever makes you happy." 11 years of marriage has worked wonders for him.

5. As long as we are on quotes of the day, here is my favorite conversation from the weekend.
Location: our cabin up at camp
When: bedtime

R: "Mama, I am scared"
Me: "why are you scared?"
R: "I hear voices" (brothers agree)
Me: "it is just the people in the cabin next to us"
R: "I am also scared that a bear will come in our cabin"
Me: "This cabin is pretty solid, I don't think a bear is coming in"
R: "Maybe they could come through the roof."
D: "How would they get on the roof?"
R: "Well, this second one is just a theory, but maybe the bear could use the tent as a trampoline"
D: "The tent is too far away for the bear to use it as a trampoline to get on our roof"
R: "ok, but I am still scared."

I didn't mention that if the bear really wanted to attack, he would probably just attack the guys in the tent, instead of becoming a gymnast to get to us. It seemed more prudent just to let them go to sleep.

6. My salsa canning adventure today took up way too much time and energy today.

7. I feel very nervous about the start of school tomorrow. The fact that I didn't get to do nearly everything on my list today isn't helping my nerves.

8. Balance is on my mind. Balance between home and work, school and chores, activities and home, exercise and rest.

9. I just told Noah that I don't feel ready to start my 3rd full time job tomorrow. He went upstairs to clean the kitchen. Smart man.

10. I am officially 24 weeks pregnant now. I feel tired and huge. I think it was about this time in my pregnancy with Deacon that I told my mom that I didn't think I could get any bigger. She laughed. I don't feel like I can get any bigger this time either, but oh I know I will. From this point on it is going to be harder to fit into elevators with beds, vents and IV poles. I am going to dread emptying catheters and picking up toys. Having a baby will be worth it, I know, but 3rd trimester-how I dread you.


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