Monday, April 25, 2011

Taking The Time

I don't have enough blogging time tonight to write a "real" here are just some quick points:

*we made neighborhood rounds today: 1 hour with some friends, 1 hour with other friends, 30 minutes with some more friends. Yard hopping may be the thing of the summer.

*my yard and garden need some serious help...if only it would stop snowing and Berean would stop putting everything in her mouth...

*I ran 12.1 miles last night. Yep. 12.1 miles with the only stopping being waiting for a car here or there before I crossed the occasional road. No walking. It took me 127 minutes- basically a 10min 30 sec mile, which isn't fast but isn't bad for doing 12 of them :) At least, I don't think it is :) I actually started out more at an 11 minute mile pace and picked it up for the last half, next time I will probably try to start out faster.

*Although Berean has been taking steps, she hasn't really been loving walking. This weekend however, she has made a transition. I don't know if it was something about not being able to crawl in her easter dress (because she kept getting it stuck under her knees) or if it was just time, but walking is now officially the preferred method of transporting her cute little self.

*Deacon has started Little League

*Deacon's play is next weekend and I am a little nervous. He apparently knows all of his lines, but he often gets distracted and forgets to say them. The girl next to him may have to do a great deal of poking.

*Lincoln's speech continues to improve dramatically.

*Roman's pajama wardrobe is falling apart. I have told him I am not replacing them and he is going to have to start wearing clothes during the day. Time will tell what happens next...

*Noah made great progress on our "new" closet organizational system this weekend. I am so excited to get it finished and put it all together!


Heather said...

J- Way to go on your 12.1 mile run! Very impressive! :) Are you currently training for anything? :) I was fun to see your fam and meet Berean last weekend even if it was for a only a few mins and she didn't care for me being there. :)

The Three 22nds said...

It was fun to see you too, Heather. Sorry I bailed on you...I am maybe going to do a half marathon at the end of May...If I don't do that one, I will sign up for a different one. I have a couple of tris for the summer. Berean is kind of a snob at times, don't feel too bad :)