Thursday, April 21, 2011

Heads Up For Noah (FINAL UPDATE)

I have big goals for the next 4 days. I started to tell Noah what I wanted/or what should be accomplished by Sunday night, but the conversation got interrupted.

So, Babe, here you go!

*Easter painting/cookies with friends
*finish cut out Easter cookies
*Dye eggs
*Lincoln's Preschool
*5 mile run + (Noah's workout x4x1)
*12 mile run
*family night
*paper work (gotta pick up one form, and will be ready to mail!)
*Quizzing stats
*bring van in for electronics work (headlights randomnly turning off, not good)
*work 1 shift
*Deep clean basement (and throw stuff out!)- didn't get to, but did spend 20 min down there getting a start!
*Install new closet - half done!
*deep clean our bedroom (and throw stuff out!)- half done! Can't finish into the closet is completed
*deep clean boys room
*deep clean upstairs bathroom
*clean carpets upstairs
*host Easter- Mom ended up feeling better and taking it back, but Noah made the ham!
*YMCA egg hunt
*home egg hunt
*Sunrise service
*teach preschool children's church
*a couple of quick shopping trips
*possibly a hair appointment for highlights?!?
*school two days
*Little League Practice

I think we can do I go....!


Elise said...

Wow, and I thought I had a long to-do list for the weekend!

TootsieandFruitsie said...

wow momma !

Jackie said...

Way to go, Julie! I think you should reward yourself with the appt. to get highlights. Thanks for letting us paint the eggs and decorate cookies with you and the boys!

The Three 22nds said...

Thanks, Jackie! If I ever can get away for a couple hours...I will get them :)