Monday, April 4, 2011


Hmmm....Noah was supposed to post a video of Berean to the blog this weekend...but I see it was never updated.

How do I know this? Well, it was on his weekend list. His weekend list that was in my head, that is. I suppose I never got it on paper and handed off properly.

Despite it being a work weekend for me, we managed to fit in some actual "fun" activities this weekend. It was very bizarre, and my household tasks got neglected, but that is ok occasionally- I guess.

Noah and I watched a movie on Friday night. It was forgettable. Sorry, Bobby, but it was.

Noah and I and my sister played Catan Trails to Rails on Saturday night. It was fun, but I did lose and Noah won. So that was somewhat forgettable.

Last night when I got up from my "nap" (nap- what everyone calls what I do during the day, even though technically it should be a full day's sleep), Noah informed me that he had rented "Tangled" for the boys to watch, but they hadn't wanted to. So, instead of cleaning up or taking another "nap", we watched it.

I was so happy when Eugene cut off all of that ridiculous hair.


I have very little tolerance for unrealistic things.

I can hardly watch super hero movies because of all of the stuff that gets broken by all of these thugs and heroes. Don't they even see all the trouble they cause, and all of the money that gets wasted because of their ridiculous egos?

Noah likes to remind me that super heroes themselves are fake, so it is ok for them to break all the fake buildings. After all, they will be repaired using fake money.

But since they are real actors and actresses, it feels like it should be real to me.

But it is fake.fake.fake.

And Eugene and Rupunzel should have died like 20 times. And before they died they should have been severely brain damaged.

Come on, Disney, let's find a realistic way for them to get away from people on horses. and rushing water. and lots of arrows.

I kept telling Noah, "she has got to have a headache from carting around all of that hair", and he kept telling me "but Julie, it is magic hair".

Whatev, dude.

That is so unrealistic.

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