Friday, April 29, 2011

Guess I Forgot

That I have a blog.

I logged on today and was all like, "What? I haven't been posting? I thought I was...what is going on?" Then I realized that although in a very small set of circumstances it would be convienent for my thoughts to automatically shoot over to blogger, most of the time them doing that would be a disaster.

People would think I was crazy. I wouldn't have any friends.

You would know that I dream about the hospital, and escaping Nazi Germany.

And that Noah dreams about being a security guard for children bound to be kidnapped.

You would know that I have to go to the Y for the next two days to get my insurance discount.

And that I thought the whole Royal wedding was a little silly.

Prince William outkicked his coverage.

The dress wasn't that great.

And what's this about "to have and to hold from this day forward" when, from all accounts, that has already been going on.

Now, I am not saying that there is no point in getting married if you are already living together, but I will say the whole thing can come across a little like a farce if you don't adjust the wording of the very traditional ceremony.

Mawage, Mawage.

You would know that the only reason I caught the ceremony (and the fanfare) leading up to it was because I was at work and every TV in the hospital was tuned in. I couldn't escape it.

You would know that I have no groceries in the house, and that my schedule is awfully tight the next couple of days. I am worried about having to send Noah to the grocery store. Noah likes to grocery shop a little too much.

You would know that Deacon is in a musical this weekend and I am worried about him forgetting his lines and freaking out.

And that I am feeling guilty over an interaction I had with another parent, but that I get so irritated when other people boss my children around when I am RIGHT THERE, without giving me a chance to take care of whatever is going on.

You would know that I think people that constantly boss other people's young children around must not have anyone else in their life that listens to/obeys them, so they feel the need to push around those younger than themselves.

Of course, I don't mind if people intervene if I am not there or I miss what is going on. But please! Give me a chance! (By the way, most of the time your children aren't perfect either).

You would know that we have pulled a deer tick and a wood tick off of people this week.

And that, even though Noah doesn't understand this, 2 minutes does make a difference when waiting for a tick to be pulled off.

You would know that I need it to be sunny. Soon. I can feel myself withering away to nothingness.

You would know that it is time to go read the Berenstein Bears and scrub my children.

Yep, those are the things you would know if my thoughts uploaded themselves to blogger.


2 minute drill said...

I know two minutes makes a difference, but so does finding the tweezers to do the job correctly.

I thought the dress was nice - fairly simple (minus the ridiculous train), classy and pretty. Not too flashy or trendy.

Jackie said...

If my thoughts went directly to my blog, you'd know that I was apparently the only person on the planet oblivious to when the royal wedding took place. My grandma had to inform me.

I'm glad you at least found the ticks. Abby had to go on antiobiotics last summer after developing the tell-tale bull's eye rash. Not fun...

Johanna said...

i have been continually surprised by the people I've encountered who planned on/watched the royal wedding. 50s-ish man on the airplane planning to TIVO it to watch, college-age guy at my church who ended up watching it "because he was already up". I did like her dress--but in general I like things that are different from what most people wear these days (and strapless is SO in that I almost forget wedding dresses could have straps or sleeves) :)