Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maybe Not

I hoped to have some blogging energy tonight, but I don't. Getting all the kids to church for Awana, and then leaving 5 minutes after it starts because of a belligerent 5 year old and his copycat brother, is exhausting work. But do you know what? Up to that point we had a great day. My friend and her cute baby stopped over this morning, we read some good books, did another standardized test with Deacon, Berean actually ate her lunch and was happier this afternoon, we went to speech, swimming at the Y, played at the park and spent time with neighbors. And I even managed to get a 2 mile 16 minute run in. And some cleaning. Can't forget about the cleaning. And the sun shone. Yeah!

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Johanna said...

it's amazing what sunshine can do for you!