Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Girl Trouble

What happened to my sweet baby girl?

Let me give you some key milestones since Berean has turned one:

*snarling at strangers

*shaking her head "no" violently when offered food

*refusing to open her mouth when offered most food (lest you think that the violent shaking of the head is just for dramatic effect)

*pointing at things that she wants, even though when she gets them, 9 x out of 10 she immediately discards them

*screaming when I leave her

*screeching when her brothers come near here (I would too, I guess)

*sleeping a lot

*just drinking sips and then throwing her cup on the floor

*when she does put food in her mouth, we often find it chewed up and spit out

Here are some key events:

*she turned one

*she is getting her first molars

*had a fever off and on for 2 weeks

*I took her to the MD and she doesn't have a bladder infection,ear infection or anything respiratory going on

*lost 2 ounces in the past month (and she doesn't have much to lose)

I have so many questions...

*is the loss of appetite related to her teeth?

*should I quit nursing her in order to get her to eat more?

*did she have a virus and is just still off?

*are these behavior/personality changes and she is just developing an attitude?

*she eats a lot less than the boys did, but she is also smaller...does she just not need as much? (I do remember a time when Deacon was super picky and we let him have waffles and stuff instead of eating the regular food because I was worried about his weight. I swore I wouldn't do that again, because it made him more picky, but I gotta tell you- I am tempted)

My plan?

*keep a close eye on her intake this week

*try a different sippy cup

*offer frequent drinks

*insist she sign "please" when she wants something

*make sure she is getting plenty of uninterrupted nap time

*if I feel the need, take her back to the doctor and have her tested for strep or something (does it hurt to swallow?)


gma pam said...

Good plan!

Jackie said...

Ugh...I feel your pain. Worrying about eating and weight gain in kids is no fun. And wondering whether or not to go back to the doctor is equally annoying.