Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Star Wars Art

The boy's room is covered in Star Wars Art.

The picture on the left is the first one Deacon drew for his friend Colin. Can you guess who it is? (I know small motor isn't actually my kid's thing- and if drawing Star Wars makes him want to write and draw, well, I am all for it!)

Here is a close up. See the smiling face? (Sorry these are sideways- I took them horizontally)

This is the second attempt. He decided not to use the first one because Yoda was smiling, and well, "no one smiles in Star Wars. They are always serious. Because they are cool."

See Darth Vader? I need to work on my handwriting. I wrote it out for him, and obviously my "d" in Vader looked like a "c and an l" because that is what he copied. Oops...

My personal favorite? Jabba the Hutt or as the boys call him, "The big worm". Does Hutt have one T or two? It is Hutt, isn't it?
Must brush up on my Star Wars knowledge. Noah is getting laughed at by his coworkers for sitting at his desk answering a bunch of questions about SWs when the kids call. I told him I was just going to have the boys send emails and he could circulate them so all his coworkers could have a shot at answering too.

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