Monday, January 11, 2010

Controversial Monday: Resolutions

I love this picture of Deacon. Look at that expression on his face. No smiles for this kid. As he tells me, "smiles are not cool". Where does he get this stuff?
I allowed him to eat one of his cookies. He picked the biggest one.
I always pick the biggest one too. Or the one with the most frosting.
We had friends over last night. They brought a chocolate cake. It weighed 7 pounds.
It was really good.
The boys and I have not made any resolutions about cutting down on cake for the New Year.
I actually don't make resolutions at all. I review the past year.
I set goals for the new year.
Goals that are measurable. You know, read X amount of books. Compete in X amount of Tris. Change X amount of diapers. Work X amount of hours. Pass this test. Teach child this specific skill.
Stuff like that.
I am working on the list.
Do you make goals and resolutions for the New Year? Do you think they are beneficial or wastes of time? Any good systems for keeping track of them?
(I actually had a really good controversial Monday topic for this week, but than I forgot it. That has been happening a lot. I will try to write it down if it ever flits across my mind again.)

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