Thursday, August 2, 2007

Real Power

Deacon's comment when he saw a picture of the collapsed bridge was, "that looks like a ramp!" Unfortunantly, that was a really accurate statement.

We know that it is hard to understand why things happen and we know that when something like this happens there is an immediate need by people to point fingers. As we start to hear about people that we know of who are missing, Noah and I take comfort in the fact that our God is bigger and more powerful than any bridge and that he loves us and wants what is best for us. Noah often commutes on that road during rush hour and I told him, "I am glad you are not dead, I would be so sad..." And he said, "I would be sad too...oh wait, I wouldn't be sad- I would be so happy because I would be in Heaven." It is just a weird thing to think about. It comforts us to know that for those of us who love God and choose him, death is not the end.

So we are thankful today- first and foremost that Noah is alive and secondly that he was home when I started getting calls saying, "the bridge collapsed, where is Noah?" :) I would seriously have been freaking out if I had heard before he was home!

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Kendra said...

How cute! Glad I am related to them!
Great Auntie Kendra