Sunday, August 5, 2007

Home Again

Here is a picture of Roman and his orange crocs (from Grandpa Rog and Grandma Pam). For those of you who know Roman, you know that orange is far and away his favorite color. It seems appropriate since the hospital disaster codes are orange... :-) We love you Roman! He is a hard one to take a picture of since he is always on the move!

Deacon and Noah had a great time canoeing and camping. Deacon even managed to catch a 3 hour nap in the bottom of the canoe! Maybe Noah will write a little bit sometime about the trip...

My sister called the other day and asked to talk with Deacon. I didn't tell Deacon who was on the phone, I just told him that it was for him. He takes the phone and instead of Hello says, "what do you want to say to me?" Maybe we will adopt it as the new greeting in our home...

Anyway, my sister had wanted to see if Deacon would bring her a pretty rock from his camping trip (mostly to see if he would remember and give him something to do). He forgot to bring one home and when he remembered he tried to come up with a solution for her. After thinking a while he said, "Mom, I know! Maybe Erica can find her own rock!" He seemed to think she wanted one that was painted, much like one that apparently Genna had painted for Grandpa Chris??!!

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