Friday, November 25, 2011

70 Things- UPDATE (4 weeks and 2 days left!)

(66, 67 and 70 aren't actually done- but by accident I struck them out and I can't figure out how to unstrike them...guess I will just have to do them!)

1. Go to zoo (actually went to an aquarium, but since we did that I won't be taking them to the zoo before baby)
2. Children’s Museum
3.Buy Carseat
4. Find/Wash baby clothes (found part of them!)
5. Make L an ENT appt
6. Take L to ENT appt
7. Clean out van- OCT
8. Clean out van- NOV
9. Clean out van- DEC
10. Fall Yardwork
11. 210 mile Challenge- OCT (I have determined to run/walk 210 miles before baby!) (21 miles done this week!)
12. 210 mile Challenge- NOV
13. 210 mile Challenge- DEC
14. Seasonal clothes swap
15. Winter weather wear established
16. Finish and Mail Roman’s thank you notes
17. Office to our room
18. Move Boys to office
19. Berean and Baby to boys room
20. N- make vision appt
21. N- go to vision appt
22. FMLA paperwork
23. 2012 insurance selection
24. Preregister at hospital
25. Clean out garage so cars will fit (we are almost there, but Noah has been using his tools out there a lot)
26. Freezer meal cooking (can't do this until the oven is fixed and I can cook a turkey!)
27. Cabinets finished and installed (should be finished this weekend, hoping to install next week!)
28. New countertops (next weekend?)
29. Backsplash (next weekend? Or am I too hopeful?)
30. Replace microwave (next weekend!)
31. Fix/replace CD player in van
32. Pay off lot
33. Mattresses for boys beds
34. Take pictures of boys
35. Mail pictures to Grandparents
36. Christmas letter/pictures/birth announcements
37. D’s birthday party
38. Christmas shopping (started this and have a plan)
39. Christmas presents for teachers (should be done by the end of the weekend!)
40. Christmas decorations (my decorating consists of a tree- maybe next weekend :)
41. Study for ACLS (in progress!)
42. ACLS (next week!)
43. N- fix computer (first we have to find the computer, so this goal is kind of on hold.)
44. N- finish knife
45. Get ring fixed (probably will wait until January since I can't wear it right now...may replace this goal)
46. Finish cleaning kitchen
47. OCC boxes
48. Sparks Fall Frolic
49. Dentist- me
50. Paint boy’s room
51. Paint Berean’s room
52. New blinds for boys room
53. 32 week appt
54. 36 week appt (scheduled!)
55. 38 week appt
56. 40 week appt
57. Make yogurt on a routine (did this once!)
58. Sign boys up for basketball
59. Basketball evaluations (will be taken care of next weekend! Wow, I think next weekend could be busy!)
60. Swimming lesson sign ups
61. 21 day plan (this never really got off the ground since it is the holidays...we'll see...)
62. Buy shoes
63. Potty train Berean
64. Christmas charitable giving with boys
65. Mystery of History Timeline
66. Bean Candles
67.Paint family room
68. Family trip to Duluth
69. Go through toy cabinets
70. Fix Oven


Karla said...

looking good...and yes it looks like you have a busy weekend ahead of you.

Elise said...

Wow! You've got a lot done!