Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Problem With Having a Double Oven

The problem with having a double oven,
is that if something happens to one, you still have the other.

So instead of calling a repairman,
your husband may tell you (3 weeks ago), that it should be easy to fix.

In the meantime,
you have the other.

Then you go to the store and buy a turkey,
and you realize it won't fit in the top oven.

After you put your turkey in the freezer,
you may get ready to make your husband's annual angel food cake.

Only the angel food cake pan won't fit in the top oven.
So you go to Dairy Queen.

And now your husband is ordering parts,
so that he can have turkey and angel food cake.

This is what may happen to you,
if you have a double oven.

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