Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekly Catch Up

*There are flies in my house. They are skittish things (as Deacon would say) and I am having trouble killing them

*Berean is talking a lot. Her most common word is "yeah" with which she answers questions that she wants to answer in the affirmative and questions that she doesn't understand. Today when I got home I saw that she had made quite a mess with a blue marker. I said, "Berean, was daddy keeping an eye on you?" She violently shook her head "no". Poor Noah.

*Two of the boys are now on antibiodics for strep throat. Their only symptoms were occasional headaches. I finally brought them in on Wed morning for cultures, because I know sometimes kids don't get the typical sore throat with strep. Their rapid cultures were negative, and the nurse told me that they would incubate the cultures for 36 to 48 hours and call us by 1pm if they were positive. By 1pm on Friday we had not been called, so, it having been 48 hours, I figured we were in the clear. Friday night Deacon got a headache again and I started to worry that he was going to start getting migraines or something. Saturday at noon (while we were on our way home from a party with their friends), the clinic called and said their strep tests were positive. I feel really bad about exposing people in the interim between the negative and positive results, but I am glad that it is strep and that Deacon is not headed for a lifetime of migraines. I also think that it would definitely be easier if people who had strep would have a sore throat, and maybe a temp over 99?! Seriously, shouldn't those be some of the rules?

*My mom and I took the kids to the Children's museum this week. We had a good time. Berean and Lincoln especially had fun, and once again I felt bad that I don't do those "age appropriate" kind of things with them more often. It is just so hard to balance the older ones and the younger ones. There are not enough hours in the day, that is for sure.

*I am using my extra hour tonight to write this post.

*Today I painted Berean's room. We are slowly getting closer to getting everything moved around and into new positions. My basement and garage, however, look like we just moved in. I know we will get there, but right now getting everything resettled feels very daunting. Hopefully by the end of the weekend she will be moved in to her new room and the office will be semi-established in our room. That will help my blogging- sitting at the kitchen table with a laptop in my 33 week pregnant state is not very comfortable.

*I am glad I don't have a desk job. Honestly, pushing beds and moving people around is easier right now then sitting. The baby jabs a foot under my ribs when I sit down and it is quite uncomfortable.

*Today I broke the rung of the bunk bed ladder when I stood on it to change sheets on the upper bunk. I also weigh more than several of my friend's husbands. Yep, I am getting to the point of looking forward to having this baby and starting 1/2 marathon training in earnest. Oh, to be small again!

*All that aside, though, I am not expecting this baby to come until after it's due date. I will be totally surprised if it does come early and it will probably throw me for a loop.

Well, I'd better go on another walk if I am ever going to get this 210 miles in before baby!


Foster said...

Great use of your extra hour. I watched TV which isn't very productive. You are small by the way. I agree with the sore throat thing. My kids always have weird symptoms for their illnesses.

Karla said...

um...where are you!?!?!