Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Update on This Guy

previously on the Antics of the Three 22nds...

we learned that Lincoln, the 3 1/2 year old has a severe speech delay. It may be apraxia, it may be phonological in nature. It is unclear.

We also discussed how our insurance had said they would cover therapy, and then 2 months into it said that they would not.

When we last visited this topic we were in the middle of the appeals process and we were private paying his weekly therapy session.

After I spent a significant time on the phone regarding insurance stuff- being as persistent and assertive as possible without being overly aggressive, we finally got the insurance company to agree to covering his services from the summer (what they said they would do).

We are very grateful for that.

Since September we have still been bringing him to private therapy, but we have been doing a private pay option. This option is pricey, but doable.

Lincoln also goes to phonological preschool once a week and the school district has just added an extra session for him during a drop-in ECFE class.

So between all of those things he has therapy 3 days a week. We are seeing improvements in his speech, although he is still severely delayed.

His receptive language is fine, and his preschool teachers consistently say that he is very intelligent and that his receptive skills are higher than average for a child of his age. They also say that his behavior is very good :)

As he has been talking more we have been seeing more frustration when we don't understand him. But apparently he behaves well at school, which I am grateful for.

We are still trying to figure out insurance stuff for next year, and hopefully will get some sort of resolution soon.

Thanks for your prayers!


Auntie Kendy said...

Have you thought of using some signing to help with his frustration? Nolan will still sign an word or two sometimes.
Or maybe Lincoln would rely on sign instead of pushing himself.

The Three 22nds said...

we've talked about signing, but he is a little bit beyond basic sign language. He has made up his own signs for basics and knows how to tell us he wants to eat, doesn't feel good, wants a drink etc with signs and motions.

Now what he gets frusterated about is expressing which animal cookie he wants or what is going on in his picture- more complicated stuff. We would have to teach him American Sign Language instead of baby sign language- and that would be difficult.

But, if he doesn't continue to make sig progress, it is something we will have to consider.

Karla said...

he is so cute!