Monday, November 22, 2010

Controversial Monday: Blinking Eyes in the NFL

I may have mentioned this on here before, but the "living" head shots on the televised broadcasts of NFL games creep me out.

Do you know which ones I mean?

They want to talk about Peyton Manning, so they throw a picture of him up on the screen. And for a second, you think it is just a nice head shot. And then you see his shoulder twitch. And he blinks.


Or maybe they put Tom Brady up there on the screen. And once again, you think it just a mug shot. But then you notice his hair blowing slightly in the wind.


Every time I see one of those "living" mug shots I can only think of one thing:


You know, where Harry Potter goes to school.

And the portraits.

You know, the ones that are living.

The people at Hogwarts don't have to stay still in their portraits, just like the NFL guys.

And it disturbs me.

How about you? Have you noticed the correlation?


Def. creepy! said...

Yeah, I don't seen any advantages over a standard single image headshot.

Elise said...

I never thought about it being like Harry Potter, but I definitely think they are creepy too! Last night they had three players up at one point and they kept blinking in rhythm with each other which was even creepier than normal!

gma pam said...

Maybe I should watch some football games...they seem like they might be more interesting than I think!

3 is a creepy crowd said...

Yes Elise! That was the scene that sparked this conversation!