Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sunny Day!

I have some great posts mulling around in my brain. The imagined posts have some great titles too, things like "The One In Which Noah and Julie Take 4 kids 6 and Under to the Water Park Capital of the World", "What happens When you Take a 97 mile Detour to Buy Pants in Wisconsin" and my personal favorite, "How to Manage a 6 Year Old Having a Panic Attack in the Back of the Van". They sound thrilling, don't they?

But the post of today takes us back 8 days to a beautiful, sunny November afternoon. I drove the kids down to Noah's work, picked him up and we went to the park for a couple of hours. It was exceptionally wonderful because it is November and we were wearing short sleeves. 5 short days later we were shoveling the driveway, but we won't dwell on that anymore.

There are not too many pictures of me on my blog. Well, there you go!

Deacon loves shiny "sports shorts" and they really helped him on the slide! He kept flying off the end and landing on his rear. He tried to be cool about it, but I think it kinda hurt :)

Even Berean got in on the slide action. And yes, that gray stuff on her outfit is dirt. Don't judge.

Lincoln took over the camera for awhile. We were waving at him, not looking dorky at all...
Oops...there goes Berean, trying to escape into the play structure!

Lincoln getting artistic.

Yes, I know, he is as cute as they come.

Yup, this rule follower immediately instructed Deacon to get off the ledge- as soon as I read the sign.

The cargo nets were a hit!

And what was Berean doing during all the fun? Well, she was doing a little exploring, a little climbing and a little soul searching.

She is such a trooper.


Matt said...

My favorite part were the slide pictures, where you can see a sign in the background that says "One person at a time on slide" - although the pictures of Berean were pretty cute.

Karla said...

I guess Matt thinks you should have let Berean go down the slide by herself:) haha Very cute pictures!

Jackie said...

I know what you mean about never appearing in any pictures. My girls frequently ask "Where were you, Mommy?" when they look at pictures. Maybe I should let Abby try the camera. Anyway, fun pictures!