Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Here is a good reason to have a brother:

We were at the park today and Roman got hung out to dry on a bar. Basically, he must have been swinging on it, lost momentum and was unable to get his feet back to semi solid ground. So he was hanging there calling "mom, help".

I did what any mom of 3 boys would do, I called, "dude, your feet are like 2 feet off the ground. Just drop!"

"help! I am stuck!" he called again.

Slowly, I got up from the bench. Don't judge me. I like the bench. This is the first time in 5 1/2 years of motherhood that I can sit on the bench. No one is eating woodchips. No one is diving off equipment, and the baby can climb the rock wall and up a slide safely.

In fact my boys favorite activity is for all 3 of them (and friends if available) to run up the twirly slide and then all go down at the same time and land in a pile. Yes, we are that family.

Anyway, Roman is still hanging.

And I am walking toward him, urging him to just let go.

Deacon beat me to the scene and got on the bridge above him.

"drop!" I heard.

Then Roman's feet hit the ground and off he ran on his quest to be a superhero.

I called after him, "Roman! Way to go! That wasn't so bad was it?"

He glanced back at me but made no comment.

Deacon walked up. "good job encouraging him!" I said.

Deacon was wiping his hands together like he had just completed a job well done. "I let go for him, mom. I just peeled his fingers off."

The boys have been playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No, they have never seen the show or movie but they saw a picture of one, asked a lot of questions and are now making up their own plots loosely based on the TMNT facts that they know.
Those facts are:
-Teenage turtles became superheros
-they like pizza
-they live in a sewer.
-the man hole cover is one of the round ones, not a square one.
-they have a leader who is a very large rat (I told them he was a wolf, but their dad corrected us all. Very large rats kind of look like wolves, don't you think?)
-They each have a weapon
-one of them is in charge of driving vehicles
- one of the weapons is a "woodchuck". No matter how many times I correct him, he insists that is what it is.
So today Deacon put his knight breastplate on his back to be his shell and off they went to the "sewer" to get their plans ready for fighting the "bad guys". They did something and I heard Roman's little voice say, "sorry other teenage turtle."
Notice that the above list doesn't include names. I kind of like "Other teenage turtle".
Deacon had a dream last night. He was fighting a bulldog in front of our church. Dekes finally got the upper hand and pushed the bulldog into a laundry basket. The bulldog died and all that was left were his bones. We put the bones in the car and drove it to a museum where they reassembled the skeleton. I guess he remains at the museum to this day.
In other news, we have finalized the tile for the downstairs bathroom and I think I have picked out a paint color. Let the demolition begin! I hope that Noah and I find tiling therapeutic because I would like to do my backsplash in the kitchen and tile in front of my sliding glass door too :)


Momma Bear said...

You sound so much like one of my friends, erin. She has 4 boys (the newby is 4 months.)

If I had a two glasses I'd clink them together and say, "YAHOO!" Wow amen woman you get to sit on a bench while at the park, that I believe is a milestone in their growth!! Yay for keepin them alive woot! (I'm totally serious no cynism intended. I long for that day.)

I recently tiled our backsplash in the kitchen. It was kind of enjoyable and of course the ending is a real payoff and it's beauty motivates me to want to do more!
Hope to see pics during your process if you don't mind.
Take Care!

Rachel said...

I feel like I'm right there when I read stories about your boys!

Elise said...

I laughed so hard when I read the "I just peeled his fingers off." Too funny! It's good that they are both boys though. I think if it had been me and Noah when we were little I would have cried just to get him in trouble for peeling me off. Actually, he probably would have known that I would cry and just would have ignored my calls for help.

Also, in regard to the "Teenage Turtles", as a former super fan, I'd be happy to supply any missing facts. (Not that it sounds like they're missing out without them!) As an example of how great my obsession was, I think my nearly complete collection of TMNT trading cards is still at mom and dad's somewhere.

Boxes of models... said...

Be careful Elise, or those cards, and anything else, could just mysteriously appear in your garage one day!