Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Plan

I am a planner.

I always have a plan for everything. Sometimes it is in my head, sometimes it is on paper.

Noah is not a planner.

We compliment each other.

Last spring we had our 3 little boys, we were training for our first tri, our house was on the market and we had fingers of volunteerism in a lot of different things. We were both working. It was pretty stressful.

Not pretty stressful.

Very stressful.

We took our house off the market in August and completed our tri. Noah rotated off the Elder Board, and I quit nursing the baby.

And we started trying to figure out what to do next.

Do we add on to our existing house?

Do we buy the lot next door?

Do we try to sell again in the spring?

Do we just wait and see what happens for now?

Do we make modifications without an addition?

And then the economic situation kept getting worse.

And I couldn't get as many shifts.

And Noah had/has shut down days at work.

So we finished our basement room.

And we are redoing our bathrooms.

And we hope to put a new deck on this summer.

We closed on our refinance last week.

We got a great rate.

So now we are just going to wait.

And be content.

Today I drove past the house that I have admired since high school.

And buying a house like that is a dream.

But my plans and my dreams are not always the best.

I wonder what God has in store for us in the future.

It may not be what I planned.

But I kinda think it is going to be amazing.


Kim said...

This just happened to me. The house I've dreamed about buying in a few years is going on the market now. When choices I've made make it impossible for us to sell, and therefore buy. Yesterday as I was driving home from talking to the owner about it, I was crushed, but God very quietly reminded me that what I have is enough, and that I should be content in that.

Would I love 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a pool across the street from my sister? Yes, but I've got 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, in-laws with a pool and I'm a whopping mile and a half from my sister. All of those things are a blessing, but sometimes God needs to remind me of that.

And now I need to pray my sister ends up with great new neighbors that just won't be us. (But I'm going to buy a Powerball ticket just in case.)

Rachel said...

Sometimes it's hard to be content in what we have. Sometimes it's even harder to CHOOSE to be content!