Thursday, April 16, 2009

Being a Stay at Home Mom

It has been beautiful here the last few days.

I love the sun.

I love the warmth.

I love the short sleeves and sandals.

And I love being a Stay at Home Mom.

Yes, it is hard.

Yes, there is a lot of whining.

Yes, there are a lot of dishes and other mundane chores.

But seriously, to spend most of the day hanging out in the yard or park with neighbors and friends all summer? That rocks.

This week I will continue to be outside by day and tiling by night. But after today?

Except for one week of VBS, I have cleared my schedule.

You will find me in my backyard or cruising the neighborhood with sticky, dirty little boys.

And we will all be happy.

Yay for summer!


Karla said...

oh and I will be home in the middle of VBS so after that week we can hang out together...

Momma Bear said...

woot for warm weather and woot for tiling...hah!

Btw, you seem like a rather patient person with your boys. And you seem to have some wisdom in general about living life with God (something I've observed from comments you've made to others and from words written on your blog.)

I'd love to read a post about how you deal with the difficulties of being at home with 3 babes. I personally gain so much from others experience.

take care!

Renae said...

and I will be over - soaking in the sun in your back yard. I mean- anna needs someones yard to play in - since we don't have one!!!

The Three 22nds said...

Karla, I can't wait! Dekes prayed for you tonight!

Momma Bear, I am still going to post my "daily schedule" for you - just haven't had a chance! Thanks for your kind words!

Renae, you'd better come over!

And to my other friends in the area: give me a call, you can come and hang with me and the boys...but call first, remember, I don't like drop ins :) Except for Jamie. She is ok. Cuz I can see her house and I can just send her home if I don't want to play anymore, or if she takes my toys or if she uses up all of the pink chalk.

Noah said...

Yes, Deacon's prayer was that you would not forget to come home and then not come home until the middle of winter.

Karla said...

really he prayed that?!?!? Tell him I am coming home on my birthday!

Lesley said...

I love this post and I'm definitely looking forward to summer too!

Thanks for your comments! Swimming is going pretty good although I wish I could get there three times a week like I was in the beginning. I went twice this week and it was very nice and peaceful and I'm often the only one in the lap pool. The lifeguards at our Y aren't particularly friendly and sometimes I wonder if they inwardly groan when they see me get in the pool and think to themselves, "There's that crazy girl that is a terrible swimmer but insists on being here for 45 minutes every time she comes." They sit there and watch me huff and puff and they look soooooo bored and unimpressed with their jobs!
I'd like to think I am improving my technique and efficiency over time, though and when I'm plowing through the water and going back and forth, I tell myself, "I may not be the best swimmer but at least I'm here trying!" :)

I always feel so good after I'm done -- the hardest part is just getting there.

How about you? It's funny what you said because I often think about you when I'm swimming too! It inspires me to keep going, knowing that another busy mom of three makes the effort to go too!

Also, have fun tiling. That is something we need to do in our basement too. Have a great day!

Lesley said...

I forgot to mention that what your husband said about "validating the other person's words" was quite funny and I was wondering if he came up with that on his own? That is pretty cool! :)

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