Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Goals

I always get super energetic in the spring. However, since the weather deteriorated this week, my energy and my mood went right along with it.

Today though, I decided to write out my list of April goals. You probably don't care, but along with the weather and my energy, my comments are dwindling too. So for all I know, you are no longer even out there. Therefore I can write what I want with no regard for you.

April Goals

-continue tri training
-Go to Dr. and Dentist (preventative care appts already made!)
-Tile upstairs bathroom, new countertop and paint
-Tile downstairs bathroom, new countertop and paint
-fix fence so children can no longer escape (Deacon has orders to tackle Lincoln and haul him back, if he ever observes an escape manuver that I miss. Did I tell you that Linc almost got hit by a car last week? That kid is speedy and he watches and waits for opprotunities).
-Do some minor repair to our bedroom wall and fix a couple outlets
-clean up yard (kids and I will work on this during day if it EVER GETS WARM!
-planned evening with different friends (in addition to regular friends we have over)
-Easter festivities (spring cookies, dyed eggs, etc)
-An out of the ordinary date night with Noah
-Walk through the Bible seminar
-Keep working on preschool
-finish Awana strong
-When I am going to start an IV at work I will say, "I am going to start this IV FOR you so that you can get your medications" as opposed to "I am going to stick this needle in you, so I can pump mind altering drugs directly into your system" or "Excuse me while I jab this needle in your arm, maybe you can tell me where a good spot would be since you appear to have had some experience with needles and your own veins". I refuse to use the words, needle, stick, sharp or hurt. They may have negative connotations and increase anxiety.

Good goals, don't you think?
Noah, stop sighing and shaking your head. The boys and I can probably handle the yard clean up ourselves...


Rachel said...

I'm still here!

I'm also goal-oriented. Love a to-do list - love checking things off the to-do list even more. Love writing a new to-do list the most. Weird, I know.

We get our eggs from a friend. My kids have no idea you can dye eggs, especially since ours are already brown and blue.

Billi Jo said...

Oo. Oo. Pick me. Pick me. Can we be on your "planned" evening with different friends? Josh would LOVE to share his Settlers winning streak on some unsuspecting die-hards.

Momma Bear said...

I'm reading! But about a day late or something like that.But reading nonetheless.

Good goals!

Did she say "Settlers?" Is she talking about Settlers of Catan?? Oh boy awesome game you should take them up on it!

Tom said...

I'm not much of a list person, except when packing for a camping trip. Nancy, however, will add something to the to do list after it's been done, just so she can cross it out. I admit having a crossed out list is a great feeling, but that's kind of cheating...

Rachel said...

And these are just your goals for April? Wow...I feel lazy now! You are a very motivated person...that is great for your boys to see. I love what you said about starting an IV. When I was in the hospital for a month on bedrest (pre-term labor) the IV was one of the worst things about the whole experience. I have tiny tiny veins and they burst a lot and they can roll as well. Sometimes 3 or 4 nurses would have to try and even the doctor would try. Having a nurse with a good bed-side manner that was considerate and tactful with her words and technique made all the difference.