Monday, April 7, 2014

My Favorite Things

I work in a large hospital and I park in a ramp.  I have to pay for the privilage of parking there, but at least it is connected to the building. I work downtown in a somewhat sketchy area and I do work nights, so I don't complain about the cost too much.

Besides that, it has a stairwell.

Made of concrete block.

Maybe it sounds creepy, maybe it is creepy, but I love the smell of the concrete block stairwell.

I like the smell of rocks and sidewalks after the rain,

but I really love the stairwell.

Like I said, maybe it is creepy.

But I guess a simple pleasure after nights spent trying to keep people alive,  cleaning up relentless amounts of  poop and being yelled at and swore at by confused (or just mean) patients is ok.

Ahh, wet cement.

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