Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Conclusions

March was a good month, but a little stressful.  We had a Grand Prix deadline, I had 2 incredibly time consuming/emotionally draining weekends at work and all of the early spring stuff kind of came to a head.  When my work weekends are rough, not much else gets done on those weekends and that definitely slows things down around here.  But for what it is worth, this is what I did accomplish...as well as a great many other things :)

Personal Growth/Bible

*read 4 books  (finished 2 and half done with 2 more)
*memorize book of James (1st 2 chapters)
*find my Fruit of the Spirit book and get through week 5
*blog 18 times (clearly did not make this)
*write Noah and My story for the blog (started)
*Potty Train Everyn


10 mile run
9 mile run
8 mile run
8 mile run (should have done the 31st but just.could.not after my weekend at work, walked 4 instead)
6 mile run
6 mile run
5 mile run
5 mile run
10 8 min miles at .5 or 1 incline
swim 2 miles
400 push ups
2 miles lunges (1.25)
lift weights 10 times


*buy dishwasher
*trim in kitchen/dining room/entry way (has been started)
*go through kitchen cabinets
*go through dining room cabinets
*clean outside of cabinets
*bring stuff for youth garage sale
*Master Bedroom closet
*Paper sorting
*B's book
*Picture deleting
*clean carpets
*oil changes x2 vehicles

*standardized tests (Roman and Lincoln done, they forgot to send Deacons, so his aren't done yet)
*spelling/language arts

*B's birthday party
*two outings with friends for me
*dates with kids (B done)
*2 times out with Noah (one done)
*people over x2
*plan out summer activities (did the ones that needed to be done this early)
*Kids and I visit Grandma out of town

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