Sunday, July 14, 2013


They are finally playing together!
 July has been no slower than June.  My sister is still here from Thailand, so she hangs out with us a lot.  My other sister is waiting for her new husband to arrive, and we are waiting to meet him and for the reception.  B're keeps informing everyone that she is going to get to go to a wedding 'eception.

He is one cool dude!

My garden is actually pretty weed free, and I just picked an ice cream bucket full of green beans.  Noah fixed my lawnmower, so now the grass is actually cut as well.

A new beard!
Baseball and Tee ball are still going on, VBS is coming.  We've been playing Settlers of Catan and Pandemic with my sister.

Lincoln rocking a Mohawk
I started working on photobooks again tonight, I have 6 weeks to finish about 20 of them- which was my goal to have done before school resumes.  I don't think I can make it, but I can try!

 Backyard pool!


Elise said...

So fun that Berean and Ever have started playing together. The picture sort of looks like someone tricked them into sitting on the stairs and then locked them down with a broom. But something like that would never happen, I'm sure.

Karla Olsen said...

I need to see some more pictures and hear some funny stories...even if they were from this summer....missing you all

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