Monday, July 1, 2013

Another Summer Adventure!

  I know that I keep saying that we are having a great summer, but we really are :)
I could post about how my 3 year old had taken a strong dislike to going to bed,
or how my 9 year old boy is saying things like, "Mom, have you seen my necklace?"

My life is changing. 

But, parenting is about being ok with things being fluid, with change.

Next week B're will probably love going to bed and Deacon will not incessently be dancing "gangnam style".

Maybe next week I will miss the chats that B're and I have been having late at night, maybe one day I will wish that Deke was hopping back and forth next to me as we tour the zoo.

Tomorrow, next week, it will be something new.

Some problems will resolve.
Some good things will come to an end.
More problems will come.
Good times will still happen.

I almost cried last week at the park.  A little boy was there, clinging to a little car character from "Cars".  He left it in the swing, then came back for it.  Soon his Mom took it for safe keeping.  I pointed it out to Roman.  He looked a little embarassed as I reminded him that when he was little, he was never without his "Cars" cars.  I could tell he liked the memory.  

How many hours I looked for missing cars.

Now it is shoes, uniforms and
"Mom, where is my necklace?"

"Necklace?  Seriously?"

"You know, the baseball one- the one like all the kids have."

Peer pressure.

Those are the new things.
In some respects potty training and sippy cups were easier.

My kids are not babies any more.  We are in a new stage, a fun stage.
I am not saying there will not be a #6, but there are definite perks of this life we are in right now.  Here are the pictures to prove it :)

The boys love their sisters and are always willing to chase down a little escapee
Tree branches that hold your weight are super cool finds!

Look at that smile!

She is a lot more adventurous than her sister ever was- she keeps us on our toes!

Waterfall!  You can actually climb behind the top falls

Gangnam Style on the rock

And more Gangnam style...just slightly obsessed, even though he is a year behind

Behind the falls!  You could actually crawl behind it from one side to the other.

Little Linc


At the falls! 
It is so fun to spend the day exploring, adventuring and enjoying the sunshine!  The girls did great, and we were all really glad that Daddy was with us this time- the .4miles up a very steep hill was better managed with 2 adults carrying babies and gear!

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