Monday, September 2, 2013

It's Over

 Summer is officially over.  Tomorrow morning Moms and Dads will be taking bus stop pictures and doing a mixture of crying and dancing as their children head back to school.

But not me.  Tomorrow morning we will get up, eat breakfast and start the great juggling- helping Lincoln with his reading, while answering Deacon's constant "how do you spell ______?" I will also be keeping a sharp look out for baby, who requires a 1:1 safety assistant.
 Roman will try my patience, alternately requesting for my help so he can get "everything done right away" and insisting that his work is too hard.

Berean will want to be in the mix, working on her letters, adding her books to the large stack of texts that must be read from everyday.

We will read about sea creatures and review fire safety, The Reformation and community helpers.  3 levels of math, 3 levels of science, 3 levels of history.  Who remembers the 11th president?  How about the names of all the oceans?
 I will try to change out the laundry in between subjects, try to avoid phone calls and distractions all the while keeping a list of the emails, yard work, housework and errands that are piling up.

For I cannot stop to take care of those things during the day.  "The Cricket in Times Square" awaits being read, "God's Great Covenant" remains to be explored.
 And spelling, oh how much spelling must be learned, taught and wrestled with.

But when the day is over, the kids are outside playing and I am tidying up and getting supper prepared, I will be thankful.

I will be thankful that I got to spend the whole day learning.  Learning about the world, learning about my kids, learning about myself. 

And I am sure I will also learn a lot about the importance of the Fruit of the Spirit.
 For no one but God himself knows these 5 kids better than I do.  No one loves them more and has a greater passion for their education.

I care about their academic course, but more than that I care about their spiritual health, their emotional health and their moral compasses.
 That is why I take the time to do what I do. 

I am going to be busy this fall and I am trying to prioritize what I can and give grace to myself when I struggle.

That is the hardest part- letting go of all the possibilities and focusing on the goals I have chosen.
 But for the first time the boys have expressed thankfulness that they will be home with me and acceptance of the fact that school is a part of life.

I hope that continues.
 Noah is taking over a small portion of the boys school this fall and a large portion of the meal planning and grocery shopping.

 My girls will complicate our school, but they also will add a really fun, lively element.

It won't be long until their carefree preschool days are over, and for now we all are going to enjoy them.
Summer is over, but the fun is just beginning!

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Karla Olsen said...

Loved it! Very good thoughts! I love that you love them so much that you have chosen what is best for them and your family- but maybe not what is always the easiest!

The pictures are great too :) I think Deke or Roman need a computer 1 put skype on the kindle 2 add their 3 and on skype with her :)