Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Iowa in September

Earlier in September we went to Iowa to visit Noah's grandparents.  The kids love to visit Grandpa Jim and Grandma Ruth.  They talk fondly of the house, the park, the food and of course Gpa and Gma.  

The gardening stool was a big hit with Roman, Linc and Berean.  Roman was interested in tinkering with it and attaching things to it, and Linc and Bre just liked to ride.  Linc and Bre are starting to play together more, and that is cute to see.

Lincoln and Berean 

Don't they look like they should be on a motorcyle?

I followed the kids around to the back garden to find Berean heading up the fence.  That girl hates to be left behind!  She may wear pink, but she can climb as well as the boys ever could!

Some day my gardens will look as beautiful as the ones that Grandma Ruth tends!


Karla said...

Love the pictures! Bre is getting so big...and climbing with those looong pink pants must have been extra challenging!

Elise said...

Fun pictures! I almost didn't recognize the garden without that ginormous maple tree.

Grandma Debbie said...

Lincoln and Berean on a motorcycle? Scary thought indeed! (But very cute!)