Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Everyn Laura

The other day at the Y the worker wrote out Everyn's name like this: Everynn.

I liked it.  I looked at it and wondered why we hadn't thought about adding the extra "n".  I mentioned it to Noah when I got home and he said, "why would you do that?  Why just add an extra letter that doesn't do anything?  That is crazy."

I guess that is why we didn't spell the made-up name with an extra letter.  That would be too crazy.

Ever is about 9 1/2 months now.  We moved her bed into Berean's room, and that has been going well.  Ever goes to bed around 8pm and sleeps until 7 or 8.  She occasionally will get up earlier than that to nurse and then goes back to sleep.  I am having to supplement a little, and that helps her to sleep longer.  She shares a bedtime story with Bre most nights, and then we give her a kiss and pop her in bed.

When one of us goes to get her in the morning she is usually just looking around, and when she sees us she starts kicking her legs with great rhythm and abandon.  It is the same thing she does in the bathtub.  That girl loves to kick those little legs!

This little girl really likes to eat.  She eats baby food, but also is quite good at bananas, bread with jelly, waffles and pancakes.  She can eat soft fruits, vegetables and beans.  She is not a big fan of pasta.  She is doing better at "big people food" and really does prefer to feed herself.

She is not crawling yet, and even though we are anxious for this milestone, we are also kind of happy that she can't get everything yet.  She likes to put things in her mouth and I will be quite busy as soon as she can get wherever she wants to go.  She tries to move, but usually ends up going backwards or gets frustrated.An eager sibling is always ready to run over to "rescue" her and either dumps more toys in her lap, or delivers her to my lap.

Ever loves her siblings and her Mom and Dad.  She watches the other kids and laughs and laughs.  It is so funny because she knows when they are being silly and she is quite willing to give them lots of positive feedback.  She demands attention when anyone walks in the room- if they don't pay enough attention to her, she tries to get their attention by making little noises, then louder noises.  She rewards anyone who acknowledges her with a big grin.  I haven't had her to the clinic lately, but she will be going soon and then I will see how big she is!

As Deacon often says, "I think we have the happiest baby in the world!"


Karla said...

So cute! Love those pictures!

Grandma Debbie said...

For what it's worth Julie, I like the double 'n' too. However, she's just a sweet and cute with one!

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