Tuesday, September 25, 2012

QOTD Updates...

I know a lot of you have seen these on facebook, but, for those of you who haven't, here you go!

D: Dad, what do you call that swing?
N: I don't know if it has a name. [it's a rope with a disk at the end]
D: Do you want to know what we call it? We call it the Nut Pincher.
N: Hmm. Okay.

D: We call it that because if you jump onto it wrong it will pinch your nut between the rope and your leg.
N: Yeah, I sorta guessed that.

QOTD: Deacon, "we are playing 'running away from home'. We were on a boat and everything was going great until the Pirates showed up".

QOTD: R: "can we have a donut along with our piece of candy? They are a classic combination!" (feeling like a disaster of a mom today...)

D: "Mom, when you and dad were kids, trains were still the main form of transportation, weren't they?"

QOTD: D: "Berean is getting to that stage that our cousin is in. They both give us a lot of information that we never asked for." 

QOTD: With N and three boys crammed into a small Super America bathroom.
D: Dad, did you lock the door?
N: Yes, I locked it.
D: You know, there's a sign that says the employees have a key to that door.
N: True, but they're not going to just barge in here without a good reason, like an emergency.
L: You mean like if someone gets their head stuck in the toilet?
N: Yes, I suppose that would qualify.

File under Truth is Stranger than Fiction: Today, Berean managed to accidently pee in the silverware drawer.

QOTD: Deacon is learning about trade, resources, importing and exporting. (Settlers of Catan is very helpful for teaching this). I asked him what some of our local natural resources are. He looked out the window and said, "trees...and...well...weeds. We sure have a lot of those". If only weeds were as great a natural resource as trees! 

QOTD #2: This morning we were reviewing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I mentioned that our house couldn't just be searched at the whim of the police. Roman looks up from his legos and says, "right. They would need to get a search warrant first." 

QOTD #3: Finally we moved on to a brief discussion of amendments. Deacon asked me for an example and I mentioned women getting to vote and prohibition. Deacon said, "yes. They started prohibition but then there was a lot of bootlegging. After that they decided to allow it again, and leave it up to each person to decide if they are going to drink or not." (he has been listening!) 

QOTD: After Noah and Deacon made a duct tape wallet for D.
D: Dad, for Christmas, can you get me one of those Visa cards where you put the money on it for me so I can put it in my wallet?
N: I don't think you're ready to start the credit card thing. Let's stick with a library card.
D: Okay. How about maybe just a gift card then?
N: Maybe we could do something like that. 

Today, while learning about the French Revolution, my kids compared the Storming of the Bastille to a certain "scene" in Skylanders. Don't know whether to be proud or horrified. 

QOTD: D calling N at work.
D: "Is it okay for Ever to have pumpkin pie?"
N: "I suppose that's okay for her to have some. I trust Grandma [Pam]."
D: "That's good, because Grandma already gave her some. But she said not the crust."
N: "That's fine, I trust her." 

(he is also the one who cautioned Grandma to make sure to check the bath water, so she wouldn't burn the baby)

QOTD: me: "it will take like 2 seconds" R (very suspiciously): "Dad said it would take 3 seconds." 

QOTD: Noah was reading a Dora book to Berean and said, "Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go?" B answered, "He-sus". Yep, I guess Gma Pam has been commentating on the Dora books again...


Karla said...

liked them on facebook and like them now! Can't wait to see b-day pictures!!!

Elise said...

I love the train comment! Hilarious!