Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day

Yep, this is my boys camping. They are sitting on that bench, being reflective and enjoying the view. Or maybe they are watching the portable DVD player.

I'll never tell.

Well, the first day of school is over and it actually went pretty well. The boys were interested and engaged in their work, for the most part. We would have been done by 11ish, except that we chose to take some morning breaks.

So I can look back in a couple months and wonder where it all went wrong, here is how the day went:

7:oo- I got up. I had my devotions, took a shower, checked the computer, started laundry (still playing catchup from vacation). I informed the kids that they could play or do whatever, but that breakfast wasn't until 8am.

8:00- breakfast and clean up the kitchen. I dressed Berean and flipped the laundry.
8:30-We weren't going to start school until 9, but everyone was dressed, fed with their teeth brushed and the kitchen cleaned by 8:30, so we started.

8:30-9:30- I read them 2 books each of their choosing (Lincoln only picked one, so it was 5 books and then Deacon read one to us) and then I read a chapter of Encyclopedia Brown. We read the introduction to the "Mystery of History", the first part of the first week of Astronomy and the first section of our American History book. After that we had "circle time" where we sang some songs with Berean, read her a book, reviewed body parts with her (along with "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" - I am sure you can imagine how that went), reviewed our address, phone number, days of week, months of year and math facts up to 10.

9:30-10:00- break. I switched more laundry, tidied up

10:00-11:00- Life Pacs for Deacon and Roman, drew pictures of their favorite pokemon sailing Viking ships. It was hard to balance my time between Deacon and Roman.

11:00- Deacon and Berean went outside onto the deck and I worked with Lincoln on math and reading for about 15 minutes.

11:45- I was making lunch and Deacon and Roman came by. I snagged them and had them do their math lessons. We went out into the yard and they played and I picked up sticks.

12:30- We ate lunch, and then did reading with Deacon and Roman. Boys played around.

2:00- Noah came home early and stayed with Berean while the boys and I went to Target.

3:00- We got home and Noah took off for his thing. I started in on Salsa prep while Berean slept and the boys waited for the neighbors to come home.

Boys played.

I salsaed.

Quick supper and my mom came over when the actual canning was about to start to keep kids safe and to assist.

8:00- Canning complete, stories read and brushing of the teeth finished.

Now I blog. I must finish, however, as I have all the week's laundry to fold and put away and quite frankly, I am exhausted. I promised myself an early bedtime- so off I go to get started folding!

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Karla said...

haha love it and the other post too...my computer is in the shop, so I won't be on the computer...