Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Craft Household

Do you all search for things for your kids to do?

I have one friend who sets up "stations" for her younger children while she does schoolwork with the older ones. Other people I know have boxes of an activity or activities for each day of the week.

I don't have either.

Online there are tons of activities for preschoolers, crafts to make and ways to keep little kids occupied.

I grew up with a creative mom and she planned creative projects for us.

We don't do stuff like that.

Sometimes I feel bad when I read a blog and I see that someone helped their kids make 9 different sheep crafts on the "S" preschool day.

I never do crafts or projects with my kids.

We barely do play-doh.

I read to them, we go places, we play games sometimes or do puzzles. They color or make stuff sometimes on their own, but I don't have "organized" activities for them. We don't cook, we don't sew.

I am not sure if this is good or bad.

But, here is the thing. They do their own thing. There is so many of them and they play well together, that from sun-up to sun-down they are pretty self entertained.

Now, their sister? She is another matter. She loves to stand at the sliding glass door and watch them play. I guess it is like tv. But, when she is not doing that
she is unloading every shelf, basket or bag that she comes across.

Berean is a very busy worker.

Maybe she will need boxes and bins of crafts and activities. And maybe she won't. I guess time will tell. I kind of hope she doesn't. I like creative free-play. Or maybe I don't like free play as much as I dislike table activities.


Thia said...

I'm like this too. I'm thankful that my two year old has been content with dry erase markers during school. And a notebook all her own.

The Three 22nds said...

Thanks Thia! Sometimes I just feel lazy, but it seems way too complicated to "plan" a bunch of extra stuff...isn't it funny how kids love plain notebooks?

Thia said...

You know, the planning part doesn't bother me. The problem is that things seldom go as planned. Someone's paint brush water WILL spill. The two year old WILL take all the glue out of the glue stick. And when they're all done with whatever...there's a mess. Even if they clean it up, I still have to play "prison guard" to make sure it's done right. Phew...I'm tired just thinking about it.

Foster said...

I think the reason I don't do activities with my kids is the mess. I dislike glue and feel my kids would try to cut their clothes or fingers with scissors.