Monday, October 18, 2010

Julie's guide to injuries

Crashes, tumbles and falls are bound to happen.

We know that, and we accept that.

And we don't react. much.

It actually drives me crazy when my kid falls and somebody else makes a big deal out of it. Because then it suddenly is a big deal.

This is what happens in my head in the 20 seconds I have to react to a situation:

Is the child conscious?

If the child is not conscious, I would start an emergency response protocol.

Was the child's head involved?

if the answer is "yes" I feel for bumps, look at pupils and monitor (without alarming child or making a big deal about it)

Is there blood?

if "yes" I attempt to stop the bleeding. I use what is available. Spare diaper. Kleenex. Paper towel. White tee shirt. (Something to keep in mind is that it is probably a better idea to whip one of your boys shirts off rather than removing your own. Things can get a little awkward, and you really want to concentrate on your child, not making sure your stomach is sucked in. Just sayin'.)

Is there screaming?

I try to stop the screaming. I just can't think if there is screaming going on. Also it draws attention and extra people's extra anxiety to the situation which just makes everything worse. I have found that bandaids work really well in eliminating screaming.

Are all bones in their correct positions?

This is, of course, important to note.

If in my 20 seconds I note that the child is conscious, the head wasn't hit, there is no blood and there is no out of place bones and no screaming- then we are good. Nothing more needs to be said except maybe a "way to have your helmet on!" or "you really got some air on that one!"

If there is blood 9 times out of 10 it can be managed with a bandaid, some pressure and a kiss. That and a "wow, that sure was a crash, wasn't it? You will have story to tell later!"

And they always do.

But now we have a princess problem. And even if I don't react when Berean "bonks"- 3 little men do.

And they kiss and they hug and they baby talk.

I forgot to take them into account when I decided to attempt to curtail drama queen reactions.

Never again will I forget the power of a brother.


Rachel said...

Love it! Wish Grammas would abide by these guidelines!

The Three 22nds said...

Grammas, and aunts. And nursery workers. And friends. :)

Elise said...

We have similar rules in our house and now Alethea always looks surprised when someone makes a big deal out of a fall, like, "oh, am I supposed to be upset?"