Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We don't really budget officially.

We have an idea of about how much we can spend a month, and we are both reasonable spenders. ie: we spend less than we earn.

But I got to thinking (which is a dangerous thing, and which is what happens when I have too much time alone) what if we were super careful with our spending?

Enter "the $450 plan".

This month our Cub/Rainbow/Target/Walmart budget is $450. If there is anything left on November 1st, we get to split what is left.

And I love a challenge.

This isn't, of course, just groceries. It is supposed to cover anything that we buy at those stores. I have a lot of meat in the freezer currently, and this amount isn't that big of a stretch for us, but it still could be a little tough. It will help to keep us more mindful of those "quick trips" to the store to pick up "1-2 things" and how much they add up.

I probably won't keep the same budget for every month, I will adjust it based on activities for the month, how many staples we have stocked etc.

I think it will be fun.
Noah doesn't think so, but he is willing to go along with it.
For now.


Johanna said...

ooh, that does sound fun! (mostly the part about actually have $450 to spend in a month) :) can't wait to hear how it goes!

gma pam said...

Noah is a good sport.

Renae said...

good luck- as you know- we are doing the same!