Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day in the Life!

Wow! Doing this "day in the life" thing is hard! The other d.i.t.l posts I have read have been done by people with fewer children- I had a really hard time catching everything that was going on, but it was still fun!

Here goes...

Baby Berean had joined us for a nursing session at 6, and just had continued to hang out. As is his MO, Lincoln (3) had also bounced in to play when he got up. As long as they are not wild, we let them come in after waking up. (Apparantly they can be wild enough to rip all the covers off, but not pull the mattress off?) And yes, those are my pjs- sweatshirt circa 1992 and sweats. And yes, my husband wishes it were different. And yes, my husband could have tidied up before taking the pictures- but he didn't. Welcome to our world.

The battle with pink eye is at it's end in our house, but drops for one child was still one of the first activities of the day.

Breakfast is at 0830. Roman has granola. Lincoln has Honey Nut Cheerios and toast. Deacon has toast. Berean refuses to eat her oatmeal and bananas. Same story, different day. I have toast too. The bowl has the makings of banana bread, and the dish has the ground turkey waiting to be browned and added to the evening's chili. Multi tasking very early. I also unload the dishwasher and start a load of laundry during breakfast.

The boys are really into their "word whammer", so the kitchen was filled with the alphabet and sounds, and of course the putting together of words. Important words like Yoda.

Berean looks so sad because she has 3 problems in her little life:

1. She only likes to eat if she is feeding herself or if she is being served milk straight from the source

2. She chokes when she feeds herself

3. She is now 7 months old and can't only nurse. She needs something else too!

While we eat I work on some flashcards. I don't have to cut them, I don't have to buy them. See? I can just use the backs of some name cards from highschool! Good thing I have saved them for the past 12 years!

I am still bitter when I look at my markers. I bought them because they said "teacher recommended". Why would teachers recommend something that wasn't washable?

Quick sweep of the kitchen and dining room while the boys pick out their books.

Reading time! (still no shower. I will get to that during the first school break. And I always hope no one comes to the door before then).

The books we read during our first reading session. A little something for all ages :)

Just a random picture Deacon took that turned out better than we expected. After reading Deacon worked at his geography and math at the table.

During the first break from school, I was supposed to take a shower. But instead I did more laundry, put the babe down for her nap and checked the mail. We got another big packet of insurance stuff. I spent sometime looking over it and getting more and more frusterated.

We finished up science, history and more reading and than Deacon got Berean up from her nap. I managed to squeeze in a shower.

Lunch was cheese quesadillas, banana bread and apples. Berean sucked on an apple, but refused once again to eat anything else. I managed to get the chili in the crockpot for supper.

And then we piled in the van and were off. Currently in the CD player in the van? "Welcome Home" Adventures in Odyssey.

First stop was speech therapy. The boys and I read books and Berean crawled around during Lincoln's session. (no pictures, I don't think it is allowed). He did a great job! During the session I finally verified that Berean is indeed actually crawling and the far reaches of her little kingdom are moving ever closer.

After speech we met some friends at a nature center for a nature walk.

It was a beautiful day.
We all thought so. Some of us had trouble getting a picture of us without upper face chopping.

After leaving the nature center we hung out with the neighbors a little at their house, and then we came home to this:

It took the boys 1 hour to clean up the 4o or so items on the floor here so they could watch their movie.

I busied myself cleaning up my mess. And doing more laundry.

Berean busied herself perfecting her crawl, and playing chubby bunny with whatever she could find. (don't freak out. I was watching her). By the way, the basket in the background was full of papers and random things that needed to be put away or taken care of. Notice I said "was". Berean went to bed before Noah even got home from work.

Our long lost Auntie Karla arrived during our supper. The chili got a little hotter than intended- and there was no way those boys were going to be able to eat it without choking (Noah and I liked it, however). I made them hotdogs.

Karla is not actually licking Noah's head. That would be weird. She is actually quite a bit in front of him, but they are being goofy. They were still happy because MNF had not started yet and so they had no idea of what a train wreck it would end up being. Karla is wearing the shirt
from the 5k we did on Saturday.
After supper Noah got to work cleaning the kitchen

Karla and the boys folded and put laundry away.
I took pictures. I helped with the laundry too.

The game started and Lincoln climbed up onto my lap and immediately fell asleep.

Hmmm...I guess I stopped taking pictures. We put the boys to bed. We watched the game, folded the laundry, helped my sister with some paperwork and sorted my basket of miscellaneous stuff and did some computer work. Once again our bedtime was midnight. All in all it was a fun day, and a pretty typical one for us. It had all the regular components of school, outings, outside playtime and lots and lots of housework :) I did miss exercise today, but that happens too!


Go vikes! :( said...

We would have watched the game sans pants in honor of Brett, but Karla came over.

Navigating the Mothership said...

Wow! What a jam packed day! Thanks for taking the time to do this - it was fun to read since you have the multiple kid perspective. I'm going to take a pic from your post to put in my post with the other DITLers.

LS said...

A fun read and it sounds a lot like a typical day in our house too!

Lesley said...

It can be hard to sneak in that shower, can't it? :) You're a busy mama but it looks like you have a lot of fun too! Great and entertaining post!

AllyJoy said...

I loved reading this! It is nice to see what an actual day looks like for other moms - and the as-you-go sort of pictures.